Having Fun as a Means of Personal Transformation
plus: Fruit Crisp

Yoga Off the Mat
plus: Banana Fig Smoothie

The Retreat by guest columnist Lenore
plus: Fennel, Spinach & Mung Bean Soup

Tips for pacifying Kapha Dosha
plus: Barley Tea

Tips for increasing the juicy life essence
plus: Date Milk Shake

Ayurveda: Levels of Immunity
Ways to maximize immune function

Weight Management & Detox for Winter
How to gently purify during the season of nourishment
plus: Sweet Quinoa

The Power of your Mind
plus: Sweet Potato and Apple Soup

Cultivating an Attitude for Increasing Abundance
plus: Flat Salad

The Sweet Life
Ayurvedic Strategies for Beating Sweet Cravings

Emotional Flow
Processing Blocked Emotions in a Healthy Way

Up, Up, and Away
How to Stay Balanced While Traveling

Summer Chill
Having an Intentional Summer Experience
plus: Shopper's Guide to Pesticides in Produce

Tips for Keeping Cool
plus: Cilantro Chutney

Yin Yang: Opposites Attract
Understanding Opposing Energy Forces in Yoga Practice
plus: Natural "Gatorade"

Turmeric: A Champion of Spices
How Turmeric Can Support

Spring is in the Air
Caring for Kapha
plus: Kapha Chutney

Love to You
Supporting Yourself through the Daily Practice of Abhyanga (Oil Massage)