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Ayurvedic Services Menu


Free 20- minute Initial Phone Consultation -Find out if Ayurveda is right for you!

Video Consultations Available

Diet & Lifestyle Review (Available via Skype)  $135

  • Look at Ways Diet & Lifestyle may be Hindering Vibrant Health
  • Get Specific Recommendations for Improving Digestion, Sleep, Elimination, and more...
  • Up to 60 minutes*


Initial 3 visits (Intake plus 2 follow ups)  $375       Recommended for best results!

Intake/Assessment  $195

  •  Pulse, Tongue, and Visual Assessments
  •  Review Past & Current Medical History
  •  Determine Imbalances/Concerns
  •  Define Priority /Main Concern
  •  Create a Foundation for Healing using Diet & LIfestyle
  •  Up to 90 minutes*

Follow up (Most follow ups are available via Skype)  $110
   Package 11 Sessions for $1,100
   Package 5 Sessions for $495

  •  Review Progress
  •  Vedic Lifestyle Counseling
  •  Behavioral Change Implementation and Support
  •  Consider How Herbal Therapy Might Support Changes
  •  Q & A
  •  Implement Enhanced/Progressive Treatment Plan
  •  50 minutes*

Brief Check-in (Available via Skype or Phone) $85

  • Ask Questions /Get Clarifications
  • Minor Adjustments to Plan May be Made
  • Up to 30 minutes*


Home PanchaKarma Service (Available to established clients)  $195

  • Available to Established Clients
  • Individualized Guided Purification Protocol
  • Daily Email, Text, Phone Support as Needed During Process


Marma + Reiki – Full Body Healing Touch Therapy   (50 minutes)  $110
Package available

Marma Therapy is a healing touch therapeutic technique that is part of Ayurveda, The Science of Life.  Laurene combines her knowledge and practice of Marma treatment with Reiki and traditional Pranic Healing techniques.

Common Benefits

  • Direct Pain Relief
  • Reversal of the Effects of Stress on Body & Mind
  • Deep Relaxation
  • Release of Blocked Energy Channels
  • Promotion of Flow through the Body-Mind Energy Channels
  • Aid in Preventing Disease
  • Nervous System Reset from Fight-Flight-Freeze Response to Rest & Heal Mode
  • Support for Physical & Mental Discomfort
  • Organ System & Tissue Strengthening
  • Reduction of Muscular Tension
  • Movement of Lymph for Immune Support
  • Promotion of Restful Sleep
  • Increase Physical Stability
  • Balances the Doshas (Essential Bodily Energies that Govern Health)
  • Regeneration for Tissues
  • Support for Removal of Ama (Bodily Toxins from Physical & Emotional Causes)
  • Promotes Youthful Resilience of Tissues & Systems
  • Protection from Vata Disorders
  • Brings in Positive Pranic Energy, Removes Negative Energy

    What happens in a session?
  • Sacred safety
  • Reclined, supported, relaxed position
  • Fully clothed
  • May include pulse reading
  • May integrate mantra with breathing
  • Essential oils/aroma therapy customized for individual (optional)
  • Basic routines for energy optimization combined with a customized (per individual) subset of 107 marma (touch points and zones) gently pressed and/or massaged
  • Bliss out
  • Re-grounding


Continuing/Preventive Care Package - Available after 1st 3 months Ayurveda Initiation
   Seasonal (3-month seasons: Fall/Winter Oct – Dec; Spring Feb – Apr; Summer May – July)
     $495 per season OR $1,350/year (prorated for start date)
5 Appointments plus Annual Home Cleansing Regimen daily support

  • 3 private (1 hour) one-on-one sessions per season – Ayurveda, Therapeutic Yoga, Pranayama, Vedic Counseling, Marma/Reiki – client choice, based upon specific needs and evolves with client
  •  Annual Home PanchaKarma - Personalized Supported Cleansing Regimen – includes planning session, daily live personal support during cleanse, follow-up session - $750 value!     (does not include herbs, supplies or food)
  • Discounts on Retreats and classes, when available