What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda (ah-yer-vay-duh) is a Sanskrit word that is literally translated as “science of long life”. It is the ancient Indian art of healing & rejuvenation. As the sister science of Yoga, Ayurveda teaches us to support ourselves in disease prevention and correction by an integrated system of lifestyle counseling combined with the use of things like natural foods, spices, herbs, detoxification therapies, yoga, sound, sleep routines, meditation, and nature therapy to restore balance and health. It is preventive and holistic, and is based upon each individual’s specific needs in terms of the balance of their vital functional energies, called doshas, at any given moment in time.

What are Doshas?

Doshas are the basic energies that make us functionally alive. There are three main doshas, which govern all of our basic human functions.

VATA: Governs all movement in the body, including musculo-skeletal, digestive, mental, cardiovascular, etc.

PITTA: Governs transformative processes such as digestion and metabolism.

KAPHA: Governs strength, immunity, structure, lubrication throughout the body.

What is My Dosha?

Each of us, along with everything that exists in the universe, is comprised of all three doshas in unique and varying ratios. Your basic constitution, or prakrti”, is your unique blend of physical, mental, and emotional attributes determined at the moment of your conception. Your Ayurvedic Health Practitioner can help you understand your Prakrti based upon your attributes as well as through examining your Birth Chart.

Since Dosha is translated from the Sanskrit as “that which changes” we begin to understand that these ratios are in constant flux, depending upon myriad factors such as diet, sleep, stress, all experiences of the senses, emotional triggers, and seasonal changes, to name a few. So a more pertinent question when considering how to support yourself in health is: “What is my Vakrti, or current state of the doshas?”

How can I determine my Vakrti?

As an Ayurvedic Health Practitioner I use assessment tools such as Pulse Diagnosis, Tongue Diagnosis, Postural Assessment, and Skilled Listening to determine your Vakrti, or current state of balance or imbalance, at any given time. This information, along with your complete Medical History, gives us insight about what is actually going on inside, so we can tailor specific therapies to bring your doshas back into their native balance.

What Kind of Programs Are Available to Help Me Integrate Healthy Choices Into my Life?

In addition to personal Ayurvedic consultations, there are classes, workshops, & retreats to support you in creating the kind of health you desire through lifestyle education, diet & cooking for your doshas, meditation, yoga, creative healing projects, and Ayurvedic & Yoga philosophy.

How Can I Take Better Control of My Own Health?

Ayurveda teaches you to understand yourself as part of Nature, and gives you tools to perceive your body’s needs & give it what it wants, naturally.

How can I Support Myself to Fulfill my Passion for Living Life to Its Fullest?

Using Yoga & Ayurveda, you can increase your vitality, physical strength & flexibility, mental clarity, and feel charged with energy to make every day great!

How Can Ayurveda Help with Chronic Health Issues?

Your Ayurvedic Health Practitioner can perceive subtle imbalances that underlie the symptoms suffered over long periods, thereby addressing the root cause of disease using things like yoga, food & simple lifestyle routines to rebalance, cleanse, and soothe symptoms.

How Can I Reset & Improve My Digestion?

Your Ayurvedic Health Practitioner will review your diet and give you suggestions for how to rebalance & rekindle your digestive fire for optimum digestion, often allowing you to overcome “food sensitivities” and increase the assimilation of the nutrients from the foods you eat.

Is There a Natural Solution for Sound Sleep so I can Awaken Refreshed & Rested?

Certain energetic imbalances can lead to wakefulness between 2 AM & 4 AM, which disturbs your body’s innate ability to rest & renew.  Your Ayurvedic Health Practitioner can prescribe simple sleep routines & herbal formulas to restore restful sleep so you wake feeling vibrant & happy!

How Can I Learn New Ways to Support Myself Naturally?

Ayurveda teaches us to understand ourselves in the context of the world around us.  Once we begin to comprehend the qualities of our doshas, or functional energetics, and to understand those same qualities inherent in foods, sounds, sights & experiences, we can then become equipped to choose natural ways to support ourselves in every aspect of our lives.

I Have Ongoing Pain & Symptoms that Doctors Can’t Find Any Reason For. Can Ayurveda Help?

If we only treat symptoms, problems can persist, holding us in a chronic state of dis-ease. Ayurveda takes diagnostics a step further by basing your care regimen on assessing & balancing your body’s functional energetics (doshas), thereby rebalancing & correcting the root cause of symptoms.

Where Can I Find More Choices & Learn New Ways to Stay Healthy?

As a generation of free thinkers, we crave a way to take control of our own health choices. Ayurveda’s approach places the individual in command by offering healing modalities such as massage, Yoga, diet, meditation, herbs & self care techniques, specific to the individual at any given moment of their life.

How Can I Thank My Body for All It Does for Me?

Through Yoga & Ayurveda, we have a multitude of cleansing & healing techniques that help to enhance & support you at all levels of well being – body, mind & spirit!

Is There a Customized Program of Eating, Movement & Breath to Fit My Individual Needs?

This is exactly what you can expect from your Ayurvedic consultation. Through pulse & tongue diagnosis, as well as a comprehensive review of past and current health issues, your imbalances will be determined. From there, we will devise a treatment plan that may include any or all of the following: dietary & lifestyle changes, meditation, aromatherapy, exercise, a personalized Yoga practice, and herbs.

How Can I Love & Cherish My Body & Give It the Best Care Possible?

By following a routine that includes Yoga & Ayurvedic practices, you will be giving your body exactly what it wants & needs, naturally. Likewise, you will soon find your body giving back to you vibrancy, energy & wellness to make you look & feel good!

I am a Work-hard/Play-hard Person & Want to Give Back to My Body. How Can Resolution Yoga & Ayurveda Help?

The human body’s natural state is one of active healing. When we borrow from our reserves, we can create bodily depletion that can manifest eventually as disease. By complementing your active lifestyle with Yoga & Ayurveda, you can replenish your body’s reserves to keep you in great shape to enjoy all of life.

How Can I Acknowledge All My Body Does for Me & Give It a Break?

Ayurveda offers seasonal regimens that tailor custom eating & cleansing plans to balance you naturally: detoxifying, giving your digestive system a break, and nurturing yourself at every level.