Recommended for Persons:

  • With no yoga experience who wish to begin practice, learning the basics
  • Who take classes and want instruction specific to their body, conditions, habits of movement, imbalances
  • Who take classes, but feel a need for deeper instruction in moving from the core or from the Energy Body
  • Who want a one-on-one teacher/student connection
  • Who want personalized service in their own home or office
  • With special needs
  • With injury or bodily imbalance
  • Who want to balance their sports and fitness pursuits for increased safety and performance

In Private Instruction, Laurene will meet you where you are and provide postures and practices to educate and support.  Laurene’s method empowers you to take control of your health through interactive sessions providing understanding and feedback.  Individual instruction matches traditional yoga and Ayurvedic techniques to support treatment of specific issues as well as general health and well-being.  It will give you the opportunity, if you wish, to develop your own unique practice that you can do at home or anywhere!