At a time in my life (60 years old), when I am truly trying to minimize divisive health issues, purify my diet and find balance in my mind, body, and spirit, I have no words to tell you how important my relationship with Laurene Hayden is and has been in this quest.

I met Laurene at a yoga class she was giving in December of 2004.  Since that first night, I have been an avid participant in any yoga class she gives, that I can find.  I try to practice yoga with Laurene at least 3 times a week.

In addition to my yoga practice, over these many years, I have found in Laurene a wonderful advocate for real positive change in my daily life and diet practices that has, for me, been life altering.  She is open and sharing and so enthusiastic in her search for true information about what is really good for our body and soul.

In addition, not only does she preach, she also practices!  This has given me a front row seat in her personal quest, and I witness her results, every time we are together.  She is vibrant and beautiful…. And her inner glory and joy shine through her entire presence.

I urge anyone visiting this site, not to miss out on this truly fantastic lady.  Namaste.
- Barbara Magna
60 years old, Rio Verde, Arizona, 2011

Laurene’s knowledge, wisdom and skills make her not only a wonderful yoga teacher, but a healer. She is gifted at using her training and intuition to personalize a therapeutic healing experience.
- Rabbi Bonnie Sharfman
Laurene is an excellent yoga teacher and has a wealth of knowledge in the areas of yoga therapy and Ayurvedic medicine. She is very kind, helpful, and insightful.
- Cariann Powers

Just a little thanks for steering me to yoga, and for the positive and open thinking you have brought to my corner of the world!
- Chris
Laurene Hayden is a skilled and dedicated professional yoga instructor.   She recognizes the benefits of yoga for all people and individualizes her instruction and education to meet the needs of those she is in service to.

Laurene provides useful and applicable yoga postures and breath work to assist in developing and maintaining the physical, mental and emotional strength necessary for a long and healthy clinical dental hygiene career.   Her focus is on ergonomics as it relates to shoulder, neck, wrist and lower back support.   She couples the postures with breath work as a way of nurturing personal power, stimulating mental energy and reducing stress.

Energy medicine is currently being studied as a primary preventive health maintenance protocol. Yoga is in that category and Laurene Hayden fills a need in our dental profession.    By teaching dental professionals ways to prevent long term debilitating ergonomic injuries and stress reducing strategies our patients, families and friends become the benefactors of our yoga practice.
- Deborah Holexa, RDH
Dental Hygiene Program Director
Mesa Community College
After leaving Laurene's yoga class I feel like I would after a great massage, or a successful meeting with my therapist!

I look forward to Laurene’s classes!   My previous history with yoga classes was such that I would attend one and never return.   After only three of her classes I had already felt so much better in the way I stand and hold myself - I am more aware of myself.   She gives you confidence by her gentle touch to help move you into positions.   I am now a committed student of Laurene’s classes because of the amazing benefits to me, not only in the strength, flexibility and beauty of my body, but also in my mind, my relationships and my overall feeling of well being.
- Denise Alvarez
I attended a seminar recently on “What Your Doshas Have to Say About You” presented by Laurene Hayden.   The concepts of “ayurveda” and “ doshas” were totally new to me.   Laurene led us through the three doshas and provided supplemental information to help us utilize our dosha profiles in practical ways.   Her presentation was clear and easy to follow.   I was not sure what to expect from the seminar, and I was pleasantly surprised at how informative it was.   This is the second seminar that I have taken with Laurene, and I look forward to attending more.   Laurene’s Beginners’ Yoga class was the first one I ever took, back in 2008, and wish I had started it 20 years ago!
- Diana

The thoughtfulness that was put into the whole retreat event created a spiritually, emotionally and physically healing experience for me.  It was like a 100 massages for my mind and body.  Thank you ever so much, Laurene.

I feel like you do the same on a mini scale for your classes!
- Janeen

Laurene is a gifted Instructor with the technical knowledge, interpersonal and communication skills that place her among the best. She has the unique ability to communicate and relate to students of all ages and abilities. Laurene has a way of making every student feel connected, comfortable and confident. She is prompt, professional and has my full recommendation.
- Jennifer
Laurene creates a safe environment critical to the beginner.   Through her teaching, I’ve gained the greatest gift of self awareness and established the basis for future growth.   Each session builds on the last with useful, meaningful and inspirational results.
- Jo Baker

Dear Laurene,

I wanted to Thank You for making Yoga a rich and wonderful experience, not only for myself, but for others as well.   You most certainly have enriched our lives on many levels.   After encountering more than one chronic illness, immediate results became apparent after each class,   many times coming in with pain and leaving feeling ready to face a day with new energy and light.   Your respect, approach, creativity, knowledge and warmth have been a gift to all of us.   I consider myself truly fortunate to have you as an instructor.
Best Regards,
- Kathleen


The more I learn about Ayurveda the more it feels as if the missing puzzle pieces to my life are being set in place. It is very empowering to understand the "why" things happen. It allows me to make the positive changes I need to be the person I was meant to be. Thank you for being my guide on the journey!
- Lenore
Dear Laurene,

I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful workshop on Ayurveda.   I really enjoyed it!   In fact, I immediately ordered some oils from the source you recommended.   I had always wanted to learn about Ayurveda, having read some books and subscribed to an online newsletter which gives me tips, but the comprehensive information and practical handouts you gave have been so helpful in integrating this more effectively into my life.   Ever since my first yoga program, I have been interested in the yogic diet.   Removing negative pranic foods has been supportive for my constitution, and I look forward to more workshops ahead!! : )
Warm Regards,
- Lily
Laurene, Thank you for organizing and leading this phenomenal retreat, which exceeded my wildest expectations. The whole experience was truly life changing and Janine and I have just completed our third plant-based meal in Portland since leaving you. Not only do I feel great and not the least sluggish but highly energetic.

Obviously we would like to immerse deeper into the lifestyle and want to set up a personal consolation with you to assess our doshas and plan an eating regimen both at home and on the road.
- Mervyn

P.S. My jeans were a full size too big today.
Laurene’s Introduction to Ayurveda was wonderfully informative.  Her warm, caring style of sharing information was interesting and easy to follow.  She is very engaging with the participants, making each person feel that they are getting individual attention and respect.  The materials she provided were thorough, useful and thought-provoking! 

I am thinking differently about my health and integrating Ayurvedic tools into my routine.  I’m also looking forward to participating in a fall cleanse under her expert guidance.

I’ve had the privilege of working with Laurene for private yoga sessions that were always customized perfectly to my needs.  This is the second workshop I attended, but definitely not the last!
- Sari
Laurene teaches far more than just the poses--she reaches out to her students and invites us to share the joy that comes from experiencing a total engagement of mind and body to discover possibilities that seemed far beyond me when I began my yoga practice.  Laurene was one of my first yoga teachers and it is due in no small part that I have continued with my practice.  She has been an inspiration to me to continue even though I no longer live in Scottsdale.
- Sharyn


Tomorrow the movers arrive for our relocation, I want to convey a HUGE THANK YOU to you for my wonderful Yoga experiences in your classes over the years.  I learned so much from you and I so appreciate how you moved about your classes and “tweaked” where necessary to enhance our movements.  I always enjoyed the shift and wanted to maintain the pose forever (as I know you know!!) since it allowed me to enjoy my physicality so much.  Thank you again, Laurene.  I appreciate you and the work you do. 

Much love,


Laurene has the ability to speak with authenticity about Ayurveda particularly since she lives it in her daily life. This made her presentation clear and her knowledge believable. I would highly recommend her as a presenter and speaker. She is very careful to answer all questions in detail, with poise and calm. She has motivated me to examine my own dietary practice, and consider making positive changes which will help me improve health.

-Dr. Inge Ellefson EdD