Yoga Therapy applies traditional tools of yoga to address an individual’s specific concerns, such as physical pain attributable to musculo-skeletal imbalances; prevention and correction of detrimental habitual movement patterns; hypertension and premature aging caused by daily stressors; myriad diseases and other health issues.  Yoga is a great compliment to be used in conjunction with conventional medical treatment, and is often recommended by doctors.

The breath work (pranayama) and the postures (asana) provide conditioning to strengthen the body, reduce stress, support bodily systems, create a basis for energetic grounding, heighten postural awareness, and unify mind, body, and spirit!  Practicing yoga in a way specific to an individual’s current state provides direct tools for balance in all areas of the individual’s life.

Laurene is a skilled Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist with more than 18 years experience successfully supporting individuals to resolve specific bodily imbalances.